Jaakko Karvonen’s fund

The Founation established its first signature fund in 2015 in the honor of the Foundation’s former chairman Jaakko Karvonen’s 70th birthday.

Professor Jaakko Karvonen is a trained dermatologist. He acted for thirty years as an assistant professor in skin and veneral diseases, first at the University of Oulu and the at the University of Helsinki. Karvonen was till the end of his career the years of 2002-2009 the first medical director at the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS).

Karvonen was elected for the first time to the board of the Instrumentarium Science Foundation in 1991. He was part of the of the Science Foundation’s board untill the year 2015. He acted as the chairman of the Foundation in 2009-2015.

Karvonen’s family has been strongly linkedin to the actions of the Science Foundation’s founder Instrumentarium Oy. He’s grandfather archiater Juho Jaakko Karvonen was one of the four persons who initially founded Instrumentarium Oy ,10.2.1901 at an official founding meeting at the restaurant Kämp. J. J. Karvonen was also a member of the first board of directors of Instrumentarium Oy. Professor  Jaakko Karvonen’s father medical Colonel Viljo Jaakko Karvonen was for a long time a part of Instrumentarium’s board. Professor Jaakko Karvonen’s brother M. Sc. (Tech.) Eero Karvonen was a member of Instrumentarium Oy’s supervisory board in the 90’s.