The Instrumentarium Science Foundation was founded in 1970. The founder was Instrumentarium Oyj, which’s core business was in health care products. The company was known for anesthesia equipment, critical care monitoring devices and X-ray technology.

Instrumentarium Oyj itself was founded in the year 1900 when the founder of Duodecim Matti Äyräpää invited his friends together to start the company. 14.12.1900 the Senate confirmed articles of association for Instrumentarium´s Aktiebolag company.

By 1970 the company was 70 years old. To show respect for its founders, the Instrumentarium Science Foundation was founded. The foundation was registered to the Finnish Register of Foundations in 24.9.1970. Support directed through the foundation straight to research replaced the decades old tradition, in which part of the company’s profits were granted as donations to communities close to the company.

General Electric bought Instrumentarium in 2003 and at the end of 2004 Instrumentarium Oyj was discontinued. The company operates now as GE Healthcare Finland Oy, and the Instrumentarium Science Foundation fulfills its purpose as a private foundation.