• Clarity is key to successful grant applications
    The Instrumentarium Science Foundation receives hundreds of grant applications every year. They are reviewed and ranked by top Finnish experts. Clarity and project impact are important for the success of applications.

  • How can we more effectively destroy pancreatic and lung cancer cells?
    There are currently no highly effective drugs for KRAS-mutant pancreatic and lung cancer. KRAS signalling is a mechanism that affects the division and survival of these cancer cells. Johanna Lilja’s research on cancer cell signalling is partly supported by a grant from the Instrumentarium Science Foundation.

  • Health Economics: Who takes out private health insurance?
    One of the fields to which the Instrumentarium Science Foundation grants funding is health economics. In his doctoral dissertation, Konsta Lavaste studies how the supply of health services affects people’s decisions to take out private health insurance.

  • Easier monitoring of peritoneal dialysis
    The functioning of the peritoneum of peritoneal dialysis patients has traditionally been tested by a time-consuming and cumbersome process in which the patients themselves collect the dialysis samples. Partially funded by the Instrumentarium Science Foundation, Smart PD Solutions is developing a form of treatment in which dialysis patients are monitored at home by an easy-to-use measuring device.

  • The pharmaceutical industry meets basic research at the Instrumentarium Science Foundation
    The Instrumentarium Science Foundation promotes and supports Finnish medical research and research on technical devices and methods in the natural sciences. Matthew Iles, new member of the Foundation's Board, brings more insights from the pharmaceutical industry to the Foundation's operations.

  • We are moving to new premises at Kamppi
    From August 1, 2022, our new address is Kansakoulukuja 3 B 376, 00100 Helsinki. Other contact information and billing address remain unchanged.

  • Bile acid and microbes as the guardians of health
    Bile acid and intestinal microbes are important factors that influence, among other things, obesity and type 2 diabetes. By regulating them, we can prevent and slow down many health problems in the future.

  • Instrumentarium Science Foundation’s Call for grants 2023 is open
    The grant application for the Instrumentarium Science Foundation for 2023 has opened.

  • Stem cell size affects ageing
    The physical size of stem cells increases as we get older. This causes malfunctions in the cells, preventing their normal activity. A research team led by Jette Lengefeld is studying the effect of stem cells on our ageing. The research is partly funded by a grant from the Instrumentarium Science Foundation.