• The call for grants 2024 is open
    The application round for Instrumentarium's Science Foundation grants for 2024 is now open. The application round ends on 15th September, 2023.

  • Fighting blood diseases with software and deep learning
    A new kind of software combining imaging, big data analysis and deep learning can be used to study blood diseases. Hematoscope Oy's solution combines cutting-edge research and business thinking.

  • New dates for the 2024 grant application round – opens on August
    The application round for Instrumentarium's Science Foundation grants for 2024 opens on August 1, 2023.

  • Liquid Biopsies: A Promising Method for Detecting and Monitoring Cancer
    In the future, liquid biopsies could become a crucial part of cancer diagnosis, surveillance, and screening. These tests might replace or complement traditional methods and help in earlier detection of cancer recurrence and the initiation of treatments, resulting in better treatment outcomes.

  • Research: The living environment, skin microbiome and allergies
    The human microbiome is the set of microbes living on the skin and mucous membranes, and the genes they contain. There is a constant exchange of information and cooperation between the microbiome and the human immunological defence system. An imbalanced microbiome can predispose a person to the onset of various chronic diseases, such as autoimmune diseases or allergies.

  • More effective cancer immunotherapy
    Cancer immunotherapy activates the patient’s own immune defence. The research funded by Instrumentarium Science Foundation studies how treatments can be targeted more effectively.