The foundation is administrated and represented by its board. The board consists of 11 members. The term of office for a selected board member is three years at a time, the same member can selected only two times in a row. The member of the board must be a Finnish citizen and an expert at the foundation’s field of research. Also the board must consist of at least one incumbent professor of pharmaceutical sciences, incumbent professor of technical sciences and an incumbent professor of economics or business studies. To be selected as a board member the person selected can’t be over 67 years of age.

The board selects amongst its members the chairman of the board and the vice chairman for one year at a time.

The foundation also has an attorney appointed by the board.


The Board

  • Petri Bono 

    Chairman of the board
    Chief Medical Office, Terveystalo Oyj

  • Johanna Ivaska  

    Vice chairman of the board, Professor of Molecular Cell Biology
    University of Turku

  • Jaakko Niinimäki 

    Professor, Head of Department

    Oulu University Hospital

  • Kai Kaarniranta 

    Professor, Chief Physician
    University of Eastern Finland and Kuopio University Hospital

  • Teemu Malmi 

    Jaakko Honko Professor of Management Accounting
    Aalto University School of Business
    Chairman of the Board, Aalto University Executive Education Oy

  • Niku Oksala 

    Professor and Chief Vascular Surgeon at University of Tampere and Tampere University Hospital

  • Saara Hassinen 

    CEO of Healthtech Finland

  • Simo Särkkä 

    Aalto University's School of Electrical Engineering

  • Juha Sinisalo 

    Professor of Cardiology
    Helsinki University

  • Hanna Renvall 

    Helsinki University Hospital & Aalto University

  • Matthew Iles 

    General Manager
    AbbVie Oy

  • Anniina Färkkilä 

    Assistant Professor
    University of Helsinki
    Women's Hospital