Grants approved


Instrumentarium Science Foundation awarded 900.000 Euros for science and research

The Foundation has announced today the grants awarded in the 2017 annual application round. Grants were awarded to 51 individuals and groups. Docent Mikko Airavaara the University of Helsinki received the Instrufoundation Fellow grant of 100.000 Euros.

 Instrufoundation Fellow grant 1 100 000 €
 Post-doc grants 7 325 000 €
 Grants for doctoral students 37 358 000 €
 Research group grants 6
 117 000 €

The total amount of grant applications was 320 (tot. 8.85 Million Euros). Of all submitted applications, 9.3% received funding.

Press release: "Instrumentarium Science Foundation has awarded grant of EUR 100 000 to Docent Mikko Airavaara"

The receivers of the Foundation’s grants are announced at the annual ceremony held in March.

The grants given in 2017 and before: