Instrumentarium Science Foundation awarded 1,000,000 Euros for science and research


The Instrumentarium Science Foundation has awarded grants of EUR 1,000,000 to researchers in medicine, science and technology. Grants were awarded to a total of 34 individuals or groups. Elisa Närvä, PhD, University of Turku and Olli Pietiläinen, University of Helsinki, received the Foundation's largest grant of EUR 100,000.

A total of 303 applications were submitted for the 2021 grant application round, for a total amount of EUR 9.6 million. 30 researchers applied for an Instrufoundation Fellow for a total of 3.0 million euros. 23 researchers applied for post doc grants for a total of EUR 1.6 million. A total of 236 grant applications totaling EUR 4.6 million were submitted for dissertations.

The Foundation’s board awarded two EUR 100,000 Instrufoundation Fellow grants. In addition, a total of EUR 267,000 was awarded to seven post-doc grants and a total of EUR 455,000 to 23 dissertation applicants. The Silmu grant, which was intended to support science entrepreneurship, was awarded to Adamant Health Oy. About 10% of all applications submitted could be funded.

The Board of the Foundation awarded a total of 34 grants (Table). About 10% of all applications submitted could be funded.

 Instrufoundation Fellow grants 2200,000 €
 Post-doc grants 7267,000 €
 Silmu grants 1  50,000 €
 Grants for doctoral students 23 455,000 €
 Other grant 1  28,000 €

Press release:

The recipients of the Foundation’s grants are announced at a virtual Zoom event on March 16, 2021.

The grants given in 2021 and before: