The grant given by the foundation is to be used in the meaning it was given for. The responsibility for reporting concerns everyone who has received a grant. Neglecting of the report may jeopardize the possibilities of receiving a grant in the future. We may also recover the grant.

We hope that you will mention the Instrumentarium Science Foundation in your scientific thesis, publication or in any similar case. You may use the Foundation’s logo in for example at the website of your project. You can download the logo from the Foundation’s website.

The Foundation wants to endorse open science. The objective is, that the publications and the public information produced by the research are easily at the use everyone for future purposes. Open publishing advances the use of research in a larger scale to the betterment of research and industry.

We will gladly receive writings and short videos of the progress of our grant recipients’ research. Be in contact directly to the attorney of the Foundation.

The Foundation will typically pay the grants awarded at the beginning of June. Please send a final report within six months of grant completion or no later than June of the following calendar year. Contact us, if your project is not finished by the time you should report. We can arrange extra time to send the report.

The final report will be filled at the grant application’s online service. The report shall not be posted to the Science Foundation, nor shall the report contain any attachments. You can use both English and Finnish in your project.

Application and transaction service at this link (in Finnish):