Call for grants 2018

The Instrufoundation supports academic research in medicine and biomedical engineering as well as related research in natural and economic sciences.

Call for grants 2018 will be announced on 1st of June 2017. The Foundation supports medical, technical and scientific equipment and methods related research and economic research in these fields. The Foundation can also support other high level basic research in medical, scientific and technological areas that promotes the Foundation's purposes.

One of the most important target groups is PhD students. The foundation also grants in above mentioned areas post-doc grants for applicants who have recently earned PhD degrees to support their science career track by enabling working abroad at least for one year. In addition, the foundation announces one Instrufoundation Fellow grant of 100 000 Euros intended for experienced senior researchers for working 1 year in Finland.

Applications should be submitted electrically using the link available on web site, the link will be opened on 1st June.

The deadline for applications is on 18th of September, 2017.

Look for more information at the ”instructions for applicants” page.

Contacts for additional information:

Irmeli Kosonen
Tel. 040 778 1656

Markku Lämsä
Tel. 040 501 5800