The Instrumentarium Science Foundation supports the research of the medical field, medical technology and the scientific and economic research related to those fields. The Foundation can also support other high level basic research in medical, scientific and technological areas that promotes the Foundation's purposes.

The Foundation’s main form of activity is distributing the annual personal grants. The grants are given to thesis and post doc researchers and to research groups.

The most important target group is researchers preparing for a doctoral dissertation. The foundation post-doc grants are for applicants having recently earned PhD -degrees, to support their career track by enabling working abroad for up to two years. In addition the Foundation can announce Instrufoundation Fellow -grants of 100 000 Euros intended for a newly established independent researcher returning to Finland either to set up a research team or to strengthen a researcher's existing research team. The Instrufoundation Fellow Grant is intended for use in Finland for one year's research work. The Foundation's new Silmu grant is intended for researchers and entrepreneurs with innovative projects that promote new business.

The target area, advertising and the timetable of the search will be decided at the annual meeting of the Instrumentarium Science Foundation in May.

The announcement of the declaration to apply for grants is seen at the Instrumentarium Science Foundation’s website. The announcement will be delivered to universities, colleges and to ad journals. In addition the grant announcement shall be submitted in the following journals: Duodecim, the Finnish Medical Journal and Technology&Economy (Tekniikka&Talous).

The receivers of the grants will announced at the Foundation’s website in March.